How Companies Are Leveraging Their CRM Systems Navigate Through COVID-19

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From the beginning of the New Calendar year, COVID-19 disease has hampered the human life to such a greater extent that people had to rush towards the safety of human race as well as the business economy. Mostly, all the smart companies have taken the necessary steps to ensure the safety of their employees. Although, the government has imposed the lockdown, businesses need to pursue opportunities and close the deals to generate revenues. Service issues need to be resolved. Employees – whether they’re working from home or still in the office – need to collaborate.

That’s where CRM systems comes into picture. There are many organizations, which have been utilizing Sage CRM capabilities to handle all the Customer relationship management with an ease. However, there have also been some few organizations who under – utilized the capabilities of CRM software they already own for various reasons. But now, and unfortunately thanks to the COVID-19 – many are being forced to re-visit all the things that they should have been leveraging in their CRM systems in order to make sure sales are pursued, customers are served and employees are productive, even when they’re out of the office.

So, what kinds of things are they doing?

Connecting CRM systems to their websites to reduce missed opportunities –

Sage CRM can be easily integrated with a Website to get all the information punched in the Webform directly in the CRM. Sage CRM’s Web to Lead can help to capture new enquiries of the Prospects directly into the system, which can further be combined with some workflows and automation; in order to route them to the right user along with reminders and alerts to follow ups. With so many people working remotely during these times, there is a much greater risk of leads or enquiries coming online remaining unattended. But connecting Sage CRM to your Website reduces the risk by automating the process.

Bring together work from home employees –

Since there are no face-to-face contact or in-person meetings during these crucial times, people tend to forget the updations that were supposed to be done. It can be related to pending payment, or a quotation that needs to be followed, or an update regarding the demo presented online to the customer etc.  By configuring a CRM application’s workflows and alerts, the right people will get reminded when a quote needs to be followed up, a service issue is outstanding too long or when an opportunity gets created. Also, the Management can stop relying on employees to generate pipeline, or send the daily tasks or service activity reports because all of these reports can be set to automatically run and be distributed if just a little time is spent configuring.

Bulk email, Campaigns and Email templates –

Sage CRM with the help of Mailchimp Integration can allow your Marketing team to manage the marketing campaigns by shooting bulk emails to all new and existing customers at once. By leveraging the system’s templates functionality, all communications can be consistent and delivered with one corporate message. By fully utilizing the Groups, Campaigns and Bulk emails facility of CRM companies can send out tailored, personalized mass messages to specific groups based on who they are, where they’re located and what the relationship is with the company.

Integrating calendar, email and CRM systems to increase productivity –

Many companies have separate systems for their CRM, Email and Calendar which means they are doing a lot of extra work and potentially missing out on information they need. Now that so many employees are being asked to work from home in the wake of the COVID-19 disease, the risk of missing out on important information – call data, notes, e-mail history, upcoming appointments and meetings – is increased. To mitigate this problem the right thing to do is to fully integrate a CRM system with all of these office systems in order to manage their Email tool and Daily Calendar. That way everyone’s on the same page and no one is in the dark when they’re talking to a prospect, customer or anyone else in a company’s community.

We still have many weeks of disruption and challenges ahead of us. But once we initiate to value and fully utilize the technologies like CRM, they will be well positioned to grow and thrive in the years to come.

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