CRM seen as critical tool in improving patient experience

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Customer relationship management tools can help healthcare organizations attract, acquire, and retain patients – and give insights to drive behavior change and manage chronic conditions.


Improving patient experience

Improving patient experience- Customer relationship management tools can be used by healthcare organizations to help attract, acquire, and retain customers, provide insight to drive behavior change and help manage and unlock assets contained in accumulated data sets.

It can also be used to improve the patient experience by incorporating prescriptive analytics to tell healthcare providers what the next best step for the individual, as well as social determinants of health data.

Arielle Trzcinski, senior analyst at Forrester Research, explained one example would be the deployment of a CRM system that recognizes a patient has transportation issues and that the impact it has on them not showing up for their appointment, which is based on their access to transportation.

“The call center agent can then help set that patient up with a ride to get them to their care appointment,” she explained. “That helps the patient and also the health system not lose revenue from no-show appointments.”

Another way CRM systems can help improve the patient experience is through remote patient monitoring data, for example a patient who is using a smartwatch to monitor heart health.

“If something that alerts that patient to voice a health concern, we can route that data through a CRM to reach out to that patient and see how they’re feeling, and then determine whether a virtual care visit would be sufficient, or if they need to come in,” Trzcinski said.

She noted use of CRM would be “critical” as health systems look to enable their customer experience strategy.

“It’s going to uncover those pain points for customers, but also bring data together in a comprehensive manner with analytics, that can be pushed to other systems or applications,” Trzcinski said. They need to be able to tap into those data and push it to the downstream apps and extend the actions.”

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Article Credit: Healthcare IT News

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