On CRM: From Salesforce To Zoho, Which Of These 10 CRMs Is Really Best For Your Business?

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Best CRM for business

Best CRM for business- You’re looking for a CRM system for your company. But you’re not entirely sure what you want. You are buried in choices. You read reports like this recent one from application marketplace 360Quadrants of the “best CRM software” and you’re still not sure.

So let me help you clear things up. My company implements CRM software. In fact, we implement (full disclosure) some of the products – Salesforce, Zoho and Microsoft Dynamics – listed below. We love those products but the fact is I would also love to sell every one of the products listed below. We just don’t have the bandwidth to do it all. Rest assured, if you’re working with the right people and partners and are willing to make the investment, any one of the ten “visionary leaders” CRM products listed on the 360Quadrants report below would be completely fine for your business.

But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some differences that separates these choices. The vendors may argue with my opinions below. But when prospective CRM buyers – mostly from small and mid-sized companies – are looking at these options this is usually the advice I give them.

Freshworks – You want CRM as part of a suite of business applications.

Freshworks is part of a trend (see Zoho) of companies offering CRM modules that are part of a growing suite of applications that they hope their clients can rely on entirely to run their businesses. Freshsales is Freshworks’ CRM application and the company offers other modules that do everything from help desk and analytics to project management and collaboration.

HubSpot – You want a strong marketing application that has good CRM capabilities.

If that’s the case, then HubSpot is great marketing automation application for small and medium sized businesses with capable CRM features. We recommend this to clients where marketing managers are driving the discussion and when there are good internal marketing resources to use it. If you don’t have a marketing department, or even a dedicated marketing person, this may not be the best option.

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