Trying Times for Employee Engagement

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Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement- These days are either the most trying time for encouraging employee engagement or the best we could expect.

With so many people trying to work remotely, many businesses need extra ways to communicate with the rank and file, and this might present a prime opportunity to try new things.

We make a big deal of engaging the customer, and in most CRM circles engagement outranks simple customer experience. Authorities like Paul Greenberg have made a crusade of engaging customers — and rightly so.

An engaged customer is far more likely to have a positive impression of a brand or company than one who merely had a good experience. Yet it must be said that the accumulation of good experiences is one way to get to engagement.

We simply have to acknowledge that there are many and varied experience types other than getting a customer happily involved with a new purchase.

CRM’s Communication Chops

What of the employee though? You can say that customer engagement drives revenues and profits simply because engaged customers buy more over time and require less handholding. You can say something similar about employees.

Roughly speaking, employee performance is a function of employee engagement, alignment and competency. Alignment refers to how well employees understand their roles in the organization and execute them competently — a function of how well the organization communicates through all channels. Competency involves training and simply having the tools to do the job.

All of this is underpinned by an organization’s ability effectiveness at transfering knowledge of its goals and vision to employees. This brings us to the present and CRM, especially the modern CRM that has come of age over the last five years.

Now is a great time for CRM to show its stuff. CRM — with its fully articulated suite of voice processing, natural language processing, business intelligence, analytics and machine learning — is better positioned than ever to help organizations communicate to employees and customers.

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