Microsoft partners see varied impact of coronavirus on cloud business

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As the Covid-19 coronavirus rages around the world, thrusting billions of people into national lockdowns, the tech sector has stepped up, both to manage the surging cloud consumption and to offer organizations ways to quickly pick up digital systems and practices. Microsoft Azure is at the center of the action, providing hosting for key data and apps in an even more integral way than before the pandemic went truly global in March.

As a hypercloud provider, Microsoft Azure is at the center of the action, as are Microsoft partners. The company re-iterated its support for its Azure customers, but also acknowledged that the surge in usage has strained its resources in some places, both for its first party systems like Office 365 and in provisioning Azure services. Teams now has over 44 million active daily users; Windows Virtual Desktop usage has grown more than 3x. And while the company claimed that “we have not had any significant service disruptions”, they also acknowledged that they are “observing deployments for some compute resource types in these regions drop below our typical 99.99 percent success rates.”

MSDW reached out to experts from the channel to learn more about how this worldwide crisis is impacting Azure uptake.

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