On CRM: How Companies Are Leveraging Their CRM Systems To Help Navigate Through COVID-19

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CRM COVID-19- Of course the COVID-19 disease is serious and of course smart companies are taking all the necessary steps to ensure the safety of their employees and community. But work still needs to be done. Sales need to happen. Opportunities need to be pursued. Service issues need to be resolved. Employees – whether they’re working from home or still in the office – need to collaborate.

That’s where customer relationship management systems come in. For years and for multiple reasons, many of our clients have under-utilized the capabilities of the CRM software they already own. But now – and unfortunately thanks to the COVID-19 – many are being forced to re-visit and leverage all the things that they should have been leveraging in their CRM systems in order to make sure sales are pursued, customers are served and employees are productive, even when they’re out of the office.

So what kinds of things are they doing?

They are connecting their CRM systems to their websites to reduce missed opportunities.

Most good CRM systems can be easily integrated with a site’s web forms. That means that any information completed by an online visitor can be automatically imported into the system and, combined with some workflows and automation, routed to the right person with reminders and alerts to follow up. At the very least, it ensures that data is getting into a database and not being lost in these disruptive weeks. With so many people working remotely during these times there’s a much greater risk of things falling through the cracks when leads and inquiries come in from online. But connecting your CRM system to your website and automating this process can significantly reduce the issue. And speaking of automating…

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Article Credit: Forbes