CRM for sharing gmail account between 2 users

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I have been reading & learning from this sub-reddit & its been tremendous help since joining this sub.

I have a small business for which I manage sales. All emails are imported into a Gmail account. I get a lot of in-bound leads from our website.

I am thinking of using a CRM that allows me & one more user to be able to reply to those emails.

I have tried Copper CRM but it doesn't allows 2 users to work on a shared gmail account. Same goes for PipeDrive. I have tried Hubspot & Zoho. They are too complex for my needs.

I have been looking for a solution that can offer:

– Share gmail account from the CRM itself between 2 users to reply to email & create contacts
– Basic CRM with ability to tag users
– Custom field for contacts
– Send Bulk email with merge tags (we use mailchimp)
– Chrome extension is a plus.

I have never used a CRM before, however, I have been trying PipeDrive & Copper for almost 10 days now due to their good integration with Gmail. However, they dont allow a gmail account to be shared between 2 users. I have a feeling that I am looking at this whole thing from a wrong point of view & therefore came for advise on this sub from the experienced gurus.

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