Why We Like Using Acumatica to Work Remotely During Lockdown

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Many of our CAL team members have been working remotely for years. Either at a client site or a home office.

In the past, we always had the ability to access Microsoft Dynamics GP remotely using a remote desktop connection or terminal services. However, now that our team uses Acumatica, it is just so much easier.

One of our team members said this week, “Remote access to Acumatica is nice and easy because I don’t need a VPN. Personally, I’m so used to connecting to client servers that a VPN and Remote Desktop Connection are second nature. But for our clients, if they need remote access for Dynamics GP, they often complain about not having easy access to their files. For example, if they export something, they have to think much harder about which “Desktop” is which and where they can find that exported file.

Acumatica is a true “born in the cloud” solution so we can access it remotely directly from a web browser. We cut out so many steps and so many layers of complexity and potentials for errors.

The actual remote sign-in process is easier, but for us, there is more to it than that.

A few years ago, we were using five different systems. Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Olympic Project Accounting, SalesPad and Kayeko Case Management. We would have to remotely log in to each one of these systems. So we would have multiple platforms, multiple windows, multiple screens open at once. At the office, many of our team members had three monitors, but at home, they worked on just one screen. This can easily overwhelm a user and overwhelm the remote connection.

Now we use Acumatica. We are working with a single version of the truth with a truly integrated system front to back. We log in to just ONE system for everything. Our level of simplicity and efficiency is just off the charts when we compare it to what we had before.

So yes, we have always been able to work remotely. But it was not smooth. With Acumatica I feel that we do not lose any efficiency when we are working remotely.

During this unusual time, due to the pandemic, we all have to work in a more collaborative way. With Acumatica everything is literally at our fingertips, all the information, the dashboards, the metrics. We can do so much more than we ever could before.

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By George Mackiewicz, CAL Business Solutions, Acumatica, and Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner, www.calszone.com