Genie for Service Industry to Solve Remote Working Challenges

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The services industry is one of the greatest contributors to GDP in India. According to the statistics, it contributes 54.17% of India’s Gross Value Added at the current price and employs 31.45% of the working population. This exponential increase has been possible because of industry readiness in accepting and implementing the newest technology such as CRM.

But, the current Covid-19 crisis have forced majority of the companies remotely. The biggest challenge of remote working is that is your workforce ready to deploy the same service and productivity without being present in the office?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software has turned out to be a genie for the services industry by helping businesses to integrate work processes and serve customers in the best possible manner while remote working. Regular add-ons and updates in CRM have improved the ability of businesses to provide meaningful services to their customers and up their game.

Here are 4 ways how CRM can help businesses ace remote working performance:

1. Engage like a Pro with your customers

In the information age that we live in, a business executive has to deal with hundreds of customers in a day. It is mind-boggling to remember the last conversation with every client, their personal details, and their preferred products. CRM helps you do all that. In fact, it goes a step forward. It lets you build and maintain a one-to-one relationship with your clients by listening to their queries, understanding their challenges and providing them personalized solutions. It informs you about their recent purchases so that you can provide the most relevant services, guidance, promotions, and content. Also, a CRM platform provides readymade text templates to converse in a smooth manner, sets up task reminders, and automatizes phone calls to integrate seamlessly with your clients.

2. Severely reduce the cost of sales

Every company seeks new customers for their growth but the reality is that customer acquisition cost is rising. Bain research suggests a 5% increase in customer retention produces more than a 25% increase in profit. This is where a CRM platform can come to your rescue. It can help you increase sales to your existing customers. And how does it do that?

  • By allowing you to identify leads that are highly likely to convert based on customer interactions.
  • By providing you the opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell your products and services to your existing customer base based on their recent purchases.
  • By helping you move over cold calls that do not convert and letting you focus on establishing new revenue streams with your existing customer base.

A CRM platform provides you a 360-degree view of your customers that helps you close the deal with ease.

3. Scale with your business without any difficulty

Every business begins with a few customers. As time flows, the customer base goes on increasing and with it, work complexities as well. If you think remembering every conversation, personal details, and offering customized solutions to 10 customers a day is cumbersome, then what about doing the same for 100 on a regular basis. On-Cloud CRM grows along with your business without any additional investment. It updates with the latest features and add-ons automatically without the intervention of your IT department. It also helps collaborate different teams by letting them share, update, and analyze data on-the-go. Loaded with crucial features to increase the productivity and efficiency of your business, CRM has become indispensable in the services industry.

4. Increase your employee productivity exponentially

Employee productivity is a major challenge in the corporate world. Hundreds of man-hours are wasted in doing repetitive and mundane tasks that can be easily managed through software such as, inputting and updating customer data, posting mailers and important content on social media sites. Other business-critical functions such as accessing the past history of customers, marketing collateral, and easy-to-understand statistics are important facets of employee productivity. A CRM platform provides all these things under one roof thereby increasing employee productivity exponentially. Harvard Business Review shows 52% of high-performing salespeople took full advantage of their company’s CRM technology compared to only 31% of under performing salespeople.

Coronavirus has impacted the economy and is still showing its fierce in an uncontrolled way. Although companies have adopted remote working as a part of the solution, what’s more important to understand is how robust this approach is.

How can Sage help you meet your CRM needs?

Sage is a world-leading organization that provides first grade CRM services. Whether you are a business who has just started out or you are an industry leader, we are there for you. We excel in providing tailor-made solutions to address your specific challenges. Contact us today to know how we can help your business in building long-lasting and profitable customer relationships.

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