5 Things Managers can do to Support Remote Working – Part 1

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Remote working is on a rise due to many reasons. It saves travelling-time, the risk of meeting accidents and succumbing to on-road fatalities, spending time with your family, watching your favorite shows on Netflix, and certainly in times of pandemics such as the recent COVID-19 outbreak. Ever since the country has been in a total lockdown state, companies have been asked to allow their employees to work from home. This has given rise to a lot of challenges as mentioned in the previous blog. If you haven’t already read that, please read it before going any further.

In the first part of this blog we will look at two quick and economical things that managers can do to make their team members transition from an office-setting to a remote setting with ease.

1. Be in constant touch with your teams

Though there is no possibility of a conference room like meeting while working from home but there are better ways to compensate for it. As a manager you need to know the working style of your team members. If they like to work individually then a personal phone call would suffice. But, if their work requires team input, then you should arrange for a team meeting. A virtual meeting over Skype would be just fine. By being in constant touch with your team, you can supervise their actions, assist them whenever they need your guidance, and provide instant solutions to their queries. This will ensure that business activities are streamlined and deadlines are being met.

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2. Promote virtual social interaction

Social interaction cannot be social unless you shake hands with others and hug them, right? Well, not any more. Today, there are countless digital groups where people log in everyday and share experiences with their loved ones. You can do something similar to make virtual meetings interesting and entertaining. You can start with casual talks such as ‘What has everyone been doing since morning?’, ‘Hey Rajat, are you helping your daughter with her Maths doubts?’, ‘Did you watch the new drama series on Netflix? It’s amazing.’ You can also conduct a virtual beverage party where everyone in the team drinks a cup of tea/coffee and talks about current events. Virtual events such as these help bring down the feeling of isolation and keep your team charged up.

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