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How do you define smart manufacturing?
As you make advances to transform your business, your team will realize the impact of connecting equipment and factories to leverage data from the factory floor to customer call centers. That’s smart manufacturing. It improves every aspect of your operations—optimizing productivity and increasing customer satisfaction at the same time.

It’s a common concern among manufacturers that capitalizing on these technology trends is limited to large, well-resourced manufacturing businesses. With the new unified and flexible solutions from Microsoft, the opportunity to digitize has never been more accessible.

  • Leverage the power of a digital supply chain – By collecting, integrating and visualizing supply chain data, you can gain better visibility into your operations from production to sales.
  • Streamline asset management – The ‘connected factory’ capabilities within ColumbusManufacturing provide real-time insight into data, which means that you can monitor machines and resolve any issues remotely.
  • Open additional or alternative revenue streams – Through the increasing use of the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile devices and cloud-based data aggregation, you can offer proactive maintenance and remote monitoring to supplement support.
  • Accelerate innovation and time to market – The best way to pursue advancements is to understand your customer needs. With IoT-enabled parts, you can gain insights to move forward faster.
  • Increase customer loyalty – Through predictive analytics and the ability to deliver value-added services to your customers, you can build trust fast, quickly solve potential problems and configure differentiated offerings based on each customer’s usage and purchasing history.
  • Gain a better understanding of how to prepare your operations for the future by modernizing your plant.