A checklist for success in the cloud

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Success cloud

Success cloud- Cloud was supposed to save money, they said. But when one company’s yearly storage costs quickly ballooned from $80,000 to $2.5 million, “the boss went to the bathroom and cried,” according to an executive.

There are still a number of pain points when it comes to adopting cloud, based on the discussion at a recent CanadianCIO roundtable, sponsored by TeraGo. Participants at A Checklist for Success in the Cloud said they’ve faced sticker shock as well as issues related to security, integration and control.

Their goal was to learn from the pitfalls and the hard lessons to develop a rational plan with dos and don’ts for cloud adoption.

Cost Challenges

The biggest surprises have come from cost. No one has said that they saved money, although they were led to believe they would.

“It was sold as a cost saving measure, and that definitely turned out not to be the case,” said the participant who shared the story on escalating costs. Now, cloud accounts for 45 per cent of the company’s budget, when it was zero five years ago, he said.

One participant said he receives calls from his provider telling him he’s going to have to pay more because his storage is full.

Still another attendee lamented that 80 per cent of his security budget is spent on protecting data that doesn’t exist on premises anymore.

If it’s easy to spin up cloud resources, it’s not as easy to get rid of them. An executive from a trucking company likened the issue to having a fridge full of beer. “It’s like, ‘Man, I have all this beer. I’m set.’ Then everyone drinks all your beer.”

Loss of Control

Enterprises say that with cloud, they’re running into the issue of not knowing how to maintain their technology. It gets worse with hyperscalers that treat the customer as a number.

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Article Credit: IT World Canada