ERP for Rubber Industry

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As you know that, India is a major player producing all types of rubber products whether it is small or large for exporting and also for domestic use. Many of rubber products are produced in large & small industries or the SME sector of the nation. Now-a-days, the use of rubber products is increasing worldwide & due to this the competition is also increasing day by day.

Fluctuating prices of raw materials is a big challenge for rubber industries. The major challenges which they are facing is productivity, quality of product & its cost factor. The product life cycle is short & customers are very price sensitive. The profit of the manufacturing industries are totally depending on this only.

Generally this kind of manufacturing industries have pressure on how to reduce the operational cost, reduce the wastage of materials at the time of production, quick respond to rapid changes in product development and other challenges.

These companies, small or big can benefit majorly with an ERP for rubber industry which will help maintain costs by streamlining processes and tracking inventory.

Benefits of ERP for Rubber industry:


  1. Manufacturing industries have a defined process to produce a finish goods. Like, initially raw material will be received, the same will be sent for processing the raw material, producing the finish goods & then at last packing of goods. Sage 300, ERP for rubber Industry is compatible for all those processes & with the help of this you can easily know the visibility of each & every process.
  1. Stock of inventory is an important factor & to maintain the stock of every raw material is very easy into Sage 300. Manufacturing industries have different departments like production, QC, Sale etc. & to know the current status of finish good easy with the help of Sage 300.
  1. Sage 300 provides you with a set of reports, with the help of which you may know the visibility on current status of finish product. Whether the finish good is in which process and so on.
  1. Reduce the waste of time in transferring the papers from one to another department. With the help of this your industry will never have inventory shortage.
  1. ERP for rubber industry will allow you for better management & stronger control of your key cost elements.
  1. Accounting will easily handle for all types of customer & vendor bills.
  1. Use of sales & purchase modules will help you to reduce the paper work & file system into your organizations.
  1. Clear visibility on cost management throughout the industry.

Sage 300 will also provide you the feature of customizing reports as per your company standards. Which will help you to maintain your business process without any change.

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