Acumatica Demo Available Weekly: Your Chance to Get a up Close and Personal Look at the Fastest Growing Cloud ERP

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If you are looking for your first ERP or to replace one that has become a little long in the tooth and hard to work with, you have a lot of options to choose from. They can quickly become overwhelming and even blend together, each one looking the same as the last. That’s why, whenever we talk to a potential ERP buyer, we recommend once they have their choices narrowed down to a few; they get demos of each. Want to learn more about demos and how they can help you through the ERP buying process, keep reading. Or, if you’ve done your research and you’re ready for an Acumatica demo, sign up here.

Why are software demos so important?

A demo is a great chance to see how each system works without having the figure out things on your own. Imagine going to a city you’ve never visited on a guided tour versus trying to navigate it on your own, when you don’t even speak the language. Demos take the frustration out of trying new software. And better yet, they give you the opportunity to get your questions answered firsthand by an expert, rather than spending hours trying to research them on your own.

Learn more about why software demos are important.

How can I get a software demo?

Most ERP vendors and their value-added resellers (VARs) or partners are happy to give interested potential client’s free software demos. At Intelligent Technologies, Inc. we offer demos of Acumatica cloud ERP, Dynamics 365 and Dynamics GP. Until recently, we only scheduled software demos on a one-on-one basis, when someone came to us specifically asking for one, or we recommended it during the sales cycle. But since Acumatica is the solution most of our potential clients are interested in hearing about, we thought we’d give them an easy, no pressure opportunity to come and see the software up close, even if they aren’t ready to talk to sales. So, we are excited to announce we now offer a weekly Acumatica demo every Thursday at 2 PM Eastern time.

Interested? Choose your date and register. Signing up is easy, it just takes a minute.

What if I’m interested in getting a demo of Dynamics GP or Dynamics 365?

We are still happy to offer one-on-one demos of those systems by request. Use the links below to schedule yours.

Schedule my Dynamics GP demo

Schedule my Dynamics 365 demo

Now you’ve scheduled your software demos, you will need something to help you compare the software side-by-side, objectively. To help you with that, we’ve developed an ERP evaluation checklist. It lays out all the key features you want to look for in an ERP, lets you set a priority level for each and check off whether each of your potential vendors (up to three) offers that feature.

Download your copy

Pro tip: To make your demo experience as stress-free as possible, we recommend selecting a priority level for each of the features on the checklist prior to taking part in your first demo.


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And finally, if you have questions about our weekly Acumatica demo, ERP demos in general, or about any of the software we offer, contact us. We’re happy to help!

By: Laura Schomaker, Intelligent Technologies Inc. a North Carolina Acumatica and Microsoft partner.