most common milestones used for physical product opportunity tracking?

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I'm storyboarding an app that provides a "wrapper" around hard-to-change ERP applications. Below are some flags that I saw a sales team use in a previous role (I'm unaware of the "scoring", tho) for a "opportunity's" "customer" data structure. These were typically boolean (yes/no) flags.

** What would you add? **

  • – registered (as user on sales page), (as user on email/blog), (as user on social platform of choice),
  • – downloaded product doc/spec
  • – requested price/delivery/quality/other information (RFQ)
  • – accepted terms of working together
  • – exchanged bank account info
  • – placed order
  • – accepted shipment from order:line item
  • – delivered payment from order:line item
  • – requested hold (usually product quality related)

The goal is to returned a standardized score which measures the probability of a customer's (or account manager's) per-SKU forecast coming to fruition. "forecast" was a time series segmented by <timeframe>, starting <due>, timestamped as <when>. "customer was a tree structure with subsidiary departments/divisions, and official 3rd parties.

I hope this make sense. My background is heavily weighted towards physical, multi-delivery products, which helped me develop a good feel for both SaaS and Enterprise sales funnels. Thanks.

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