Paint manufacturing is a huge industry in itself. Nearly every industry and sector of the market from real estate, to manufacturing uses paint in its production elements. For new constructions, paint has become the essential components of the development stage. The growing automotive industry creates a huge demand for the industrial paint in market. Paint industry are now taking proactive approach for adopting ERP system to streamline and scale their processes.

More and more paint industries are realizing the benefits of an ERP for Paint Manufacturing Industry and implementing it for growth and better scalability. Sage 300 ERP for Paint Manufacturing Industry helps the Paint manufacturer to manage and simplify their all operations in respect of following key factor.

Procurement Process:  Sage 300 ERP’s Procurement modules helps to manage various types of ingredients purchase. Vendor contract price feature helps to control over the material procurement at correct values and approval level make sure that every Purchase Order gone through with defined authority matrix only. Pending Purchase Order Report on the basis on expected arrival date helps Purchaser to make sure the availability of Material at Store at right time.

Inventory Management: You can maintain a minimum inventory level in the ERP for Paint Manufacturing industry which helps you to generate auto Purchase Requisition and makes sure that your production process will not get stuck for the reason of shortage of Material. You can manage multiple warehouse and Plant from a single system which helps centralization of accessing data to all the concern end users. Sage ERP helps in real time data updating and gives exact position of your inventory win respect of Quantity as well Valuation.

Production & Planning module: Planning module helps the planner to schedule their shop floor activity to achieve the expected finished goods completion date. Monthly / Weekly / Yearly MRP Report helps them to make available material on shop floor at right time only. MSP Reports helps them to schedule the production batches on the basis on delivery schedule to customers.

You can define multiple Bill of material and multiple revision features helps to suit the industry innovates and fulfill the customer expectation. You can create Job Card and attached components and required resource. Costing of production easily track in the Sage ERP for Paint Manufacturing Industry.

Finance: Accounts Payables and Accounts Receivables module totally integrated with Operation and production module. All financial transaction you can maintained as per standard accounting norms.

You can configure authority matrix for your financial transaction and implement maker-checker concept in Sage ERP System. Your foreign currency transaction more effectively and calculation of exchange gain / loss accuracy handling by the system.

Intelligence Report Tool: You can easily extract your real time data and generate budget v/s Actual, YTD, MTD and comparative reports in graphical manner. To know more about Sage ERP and CRM Solutions, SMS SAGE to 56767. You can also write to Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd at

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