Acumatica Summit Summary: Focus on Technology Innovation Leads to Fastest Growing ERP Available

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It’s hard to believe that a month has past since we convened in Las Vegas for Acumatica Summit 2020. It was another record-breaking event that featured celebrations of past achievements and a great deal of excitement about the future.

Acumatica uses their annual Summit event to launch the latest of their semi-annual releases and demonstrate some of the new features and functionality that are newly available in the fastest growing cloud ERP platform on the market. Some of the innovations in Acumatica 2020 R1 that our team members were most excited to see include:

  • support for matrix inventory
  • WMS wave and batch picking
  • the extension of the side panel to data entry forms
  • the ability to auto-create an AP bill from an email attachment
  • a shortcut for filtering on all grids

Read more about these new features in Acumatica 2020 R1 here.

Beyond the latest release, Acumatica featured its future technology innovation throughout Summit 2020. Throughout the event, they made it clear that they are not just an ERP company, they are a technology company committed to delivering value to its users.

Acumatica demonstrates this commitment by continuously keeping the technology current so that it can support both people and processes and enable their customers to “future-proof” their businesses. This commitment to constant innovation and improvement is evident in that 74% of all Acumatica employees are in R&D positions.

Read more about Acumatica’s commitment to future-focused technology innovation here.

Acumatica’s ongoing commitment to being an innovative technology company first and foremost was a key reason that NexVue went “all in” on the solution 8 years ago and focused the future of our business on implementing and developing on the Acumatica platform. Everything we saw and heard from Acumatica leadership at Summit 2020 validated that decision.

Hear from our President how Acumatica has been a winning bet for NexVue here.

The combination of Acumatica’s commitment to technology innovation and NexVue’s commitment to Acumatica innovation has proven to be a winning partnership, yielding great benefits for NexVue’s clients and Acumatica users. Acumatica recognized the value of this partnership in several ways throughout Summit 2020. During the event, NexVue:

With all of the excitement around the new release and the future of Acumatica at Summit 2020, we’re already looking forward to returning to Las Vegas next January for an even more impactful Acumatica Summit 2021!