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ANALYTICS CAPABILITIES- Leveraging analytics to gain a competitive advantage over others is not a fresh idea, however, the path one may carve out to reach there can be novel to attain an effective and efficient analytics strategy. Such a strategy will help the organization derive the best value out of their data. According to Ramanujam Rao, Vice President at Hitachi, “In the past few years, some patterns have begun to emerge from successful implementations. These patterns offer insights on how businesses can establish some foundational principles that best leverage their investment in data.”

Let’s understand what could be the ways to enhance one’s analytical capabilities according to some significant industry players and experts.


According to Oracle, the new analytical capabilities call for high-level requirements such as:

More types of data and storage platforms are key to embracing the unstructured and schema-free data types found in most big-data. Once these new data types are addressed, an organization obtains greater business value from big data and broader and more agile data sourcing for analytics. The new storage platform includes all data for analytics, including data warehouse appliances, columnar databases, and HDFS. The low cost of the HDFS platform for historical data retention and parallel processing of more data and unstructured data holds the promise of expanding analytical capabilities to the next level.

Also, information exploration and discovery capability are the types of analytical techniques currently on the rise (based on technologies for SQL, NoSQL, mining, statistics, and natural language processing) and are all related to discovering facts about the business that was previously unexplored.

Moreover, most enterprises are expecting real-time capabilities from analytical solutions to support fast business processes and decision making. Traditional relational databases and batch-oriented Hadoop systems were not built for real-time operations. Real-time functions include Apache Storm on Hadoop, Cloudera Impala, and Event Processing Engine.


According to an Accenture report, some business challenges can be addressed if companies take the time to develop an enterprise-wide analytics-centric strategy and underpin it with an operating model designed to harness the power of analytics.

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Article Credit: Analytics Insight