Azure Insights: Container images; P2S VPN; Tier 3 data centers; API Management; Alerts schema

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Azure pros share their latest insights on eliminating container images, setting up P2S VPN connections, the meaning of a tier 3 data center, working with API Management and more.

Getting rid of container images

Richard Hooper, writing on Pixel Robots explained how to get rid of container images from Azure Container Registry. In recent work with Container Registry, he found the list of container images growing rapidly, spurring him to think about ways to automatically purge unneeded images on a schedule. Version 2.0.69 or later of Container Registry’s CLI can help.

Hooper shared the acr purge command, which deletes by tag within a repository. Users need two parameters to run a purge command: -filter and –ago, which define tags and time duration in hours, days or minutes. Additional –name and –schedule parameters go further helping to schedule certain times. He wrote:

If you have a lot of images to clean up then you may find that you need to use the –timeout parameter under the az acr run command. By default, for on-demand tasks, the timeout is 600 seconds. For scheduled tasks, it is 3600 seconds.

Setting up P2S VPNs with Azure AD