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There are different kinds of Industry segments that are working simultaneously. The more the magnitude of the industry, the more burden it is on the company to manage their operations and processes. Spiritual Institutes are a unique area which helps the common people by inspiring breakthroughs and allowing the human spirit to realize its humongous, boundless potential.

Recently one of our customers who belongs to a Spiritual Institute requested a CRM for Spiritual Institutes wherein, the basic agenda of this Spiritual Institute would be to maintain their seeker’s data who post in their enquiries to subscribe for the Product / Service for a particular period of time. Sage CRM being a customer-oriented system not only helped them to manage seeker’s data but also maintain the subscriber’s data along with the renewal process on timely basis. We customized the CRM for Spiritual Institutes system in such a way that it would help to manage subscription process which is a predominant way of getting new customers even in magazine and issuing industry along with a  360 degree view of customer’s subscription activation and renewal process.

Service Highlights of CRM for Spiritual Institutes:

 Customers Onboarding:This is nothing but new customer creation screen / form where the subscriber’s details are captured. This screen is divided into three sections to capture relevant information such as personal, address and phone and email.

 Subscription and subscription Duration:Once we are done with capturing subscriber data. Next step is to capture the subscription details. While capturing the Subscription details we key the Tenure of Subscription, the type of Subscription based on which system calculates the renewal date and other important information.


CRM for Spiritual Institutes in India

CRM for Spiritual Institutes

Renewal Process:We have created a tab wherein whenever the subscription is coming to end, the system will give us a pop up to renew the subscription of a particular Subscriber (Customer). By clicking on the respective record we can renew the subscription. Renewal process also include the following features:

a. Auto creation of Reminders.
b. Auto assignment of Reminders.
c. Scheduling of Reminders.
d. Triggering of Emails to Subscribers.

CRM for Spiritual Institutes in India

CRM for Spiritual Institutes

To print the customers / subscribers address to dispatch Magazines, calendars and other artifacts: To make this happen, we have designed a screen under MY CRM with filter criteria to pull out necessary records from system. See below screenshot for your reference.

Once the required dispatch details are extracted from above screen user has to click on Print button marked above to create the labels for printing.

CRM for Spiritual Institutes in India

CRM for Spiritual Institutes

From the above screen, user can either save the output in PDF file or can directly give the print command.

To know more about the business solution that can help you in your Industry specific needs, SMS SAGE to 56767. You can also write to Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd at

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