Need a CRM for charity to record client contact

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Hi Redditors!

My charity has until recently been using Charitylog for its CRM, but for Reasons we need to move in April 2020 to something else.

In short, what we do is receive referrals for clients for us to help; go and assess these clients; link some of these clients to volunteers who then report back weekly on how the client is doing; help some of the clients in other ways too and also in emergencies.

The gist of what we need to record is:

  • visit logs for staff and the volunteers visiting the clients (when, what happened, decisions made, actions needing to occur as follow up)
  • client/volunteer contact details
  • client/volunteer status

The staff team are semi IT-literate but none of them are fans of computers.

Any suggestions for a CRM to use – particularly considering the recording of visit logs?

Full list of requirements and desirables is:

collaborative access across 6 staff members – high importance

online basis for access – high importance

24/7 access – high importance

cross-device compatibility e.g. mobile/tablet use – low importance

inexpensive – medium importance

reliable – high importance

additional access accounts for volunteer administrators – low importance

restricted access to data views – low importance

administrator ability to remove staff members/volunteer administrators easily – medium importance

simple to use for non-technically minded staff – medium importance

compatible with G Suite in some way – low importance

hard for people to accidentally delete records – high importance

secure for GDPR reasons – high importance

easy to back up data – high importance

hold client and volunteer contact details – high importance

hold client and volunteer status(es) – high importance

link client and volunteer records – high importance

function to view/sort records by key worker – medium importance

record actions done with client including date and details (e.g. visit report) – high importance

flag up client risks – medium importance

extract equalities/monitoring data about clients and volunteers – low importance

attach files (e.g. scans of paperwork) to client and volunteer records – high importance

take snapshots of reporting data on historical dates (e.g. number of clients on waiting list on date x, number of clients referred in during quarter y) – medium importance

view options both for 'whole cohort' and as 'records for one individual at a time' – high importance: individual view, medium importance: whole cohort

quick search function to find all information held about client/volunteer – high importance

hold historical client/volunteer status(es) and date of change – medium importance

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