5 Obvious Reasons Why You Need A New ERP Solution in 2020

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Organisations mainly small and mid-sized businesses that are still using legacy ERP solutions often endure from the troubles of disorganized and laborious manual administrative processes. On the other hand, employees are the ones, who take most of the beating in the form of poor productivity and performance. Unfortunately, over time, employees get used to the limitations and challenges of a legacy system. Having an outdated ERP system is detrimental to productivity, customer service and IT security.

Often, it takes some kind of business or operational emergency induced wake-up call persuading a business to lookout for a new ERP solution. Nevertheless, with the ongoing surge in technological advancement, it is highly advisable to make way for a new ERP in 2020.

A new and current gen’s ERP software for SMEs automates and streamlines critical business processes uplifting efficiency across a business.

Here are five striking reasons why you need a new enterprise resource planning solution in 2020:

If your ERP is not on Cloud!

Data storage and maintenance takes place on local servers for an on-premise ERP solution. Now, what if the local server crashes or breaks down due to some untoward incident, chances are quite high that you might lose all your critical data and a business can’t risk that.

Whereas, cloud based ERP solutions in India make sure that all your data is safe and secure with regular back-ups done from the ERP vendors through remote servers so that your IT people don’t have to, which saves them time and hassles. Other benefits include easy data recovery, instant access, improved mobility and usability.

Your legacy system lacks integration

If your existing enterprise management system fails to integrate seamlessly with other business management systems such as accounting software or CRM solutions, it is an apparent sign you need a new ERP solution.

Besides seamless integration with other management solutions, businesses also expect the software to work smoothly with current platforms, browsers and adhere to modern IT protocols as well. This calls for reaping in one of the best ERP vendors for your business to improve user experience, ensure seamless flow of data across multiple departments and enjoy real-time access to business process data.

If your business is failing to scale or grow with the existing system

A massive number of businesses are struggling consistently when it comes to scaling up with legacy enterprise systems. Even when your products or services are in great demand, the last and the most crucial thing a business requires is a robust operational system in place to be able to deliver to the growing demands.

Today’s new age ERP solution helps to have efficient business operations enabling your business to grow and scale in a quick and seamless manner.

End-of-Life (EOL) for your legacy system is just around the corner!

End-of-support or EOL (End-of-Life) infers that the lifespan of your existing system is about to cease, which also means that the vendor won’t be releasing any upgrades or updates for the same. This might incur threats to data security and system efficiencies. Such a perishing system also may form the epicentre of an impending disaster that would disrupt business operations beyond repair.

If you suspect that your business is thriving from this dilemma, it is time you hunt for a new ERP solution now and safeguard your business for years to come.

Your system is turning rut and beyond industry standards

It is an undeniable fact that humans resist change, but it should be noted that sticking with an outdated and legacy enterprise system thwarts you from leveraging the advanced features along with a gamut of automated functionalities rendered by today’s cutting-edge ERP solutions for mid-sized business.

In addition, opting for modern ERP implementation gives you a rock-solid edge over your competitors.


If you can relate your business with any of these above-mentioned signs, it is high time you start looking out for the best ERP vendors out there offering advanced and current-gen ERP solutions to small and mid-size businesses in India.

Though it might seem a bit tricky, careful and meticulous evaluation of your existing ERP system should uncover the loopholes of the system that are hindering productivity, efficiency and slowing down growth.

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