ERP for Cosmetic Industry

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Apparel, footwear and in general fashion Industry, is a very dynamic industry. Only in a half yearly time, we see the fashion change and newer stocks coming in place of the old one. There is a lot of pressure on the retails overall to sell out the out dated products during the season sale to make space for the new stock.

Cosmetics, is an integral part of a fashion Industry. There is such high competition in this market for all product ranges and lines. Cosmetic companies mainly face many challenges particularly in the areas of Inventory and Cost Management.

In order to stay consistent and profitable in this field of competition, it is very essential that the Competitive Company is process oriented and tracks all their business details from a sing system. With a well-organised ERP for cosmetic Industry.

Sage 300, ERP for Cosmetic Industry is a robust and a scalable solution which is made keeping the needs of the customer. Sage 300 is beneficial for the Cosmetic Industry in a number of ways:

  1. Lot & Serial No – Track the Lot & Serial No of the Items form a single ERP system making Inventory Management more streamlined and accessible for all the retail stores. Tracking and maintaining record of the Inventory Lot received is the primary function of Inventory Management, but what most companies even in apparel industry do, is that they have different systems in the name of apparel ERP. These systems are unable to give a single unified view to the management about the overall inventory.
  2. Warranty Tracking – Cosmetics are products which are also sold with a warranty like any other product. Warranty Management feature of Sage 300 ERP can be maintained for any product to capture the company specific warranty criteria. It is done on item which has either serial or lot number allocated.
  3. Quantity Re-order – Sage 300 ERP for cosmetic Industry has a very useful feature wherein you can maintain minimum and reorder levels for an item. It is helpful for taking repeat orders from customers and allocating and committing them delivery dates as per the stock availability.
  4. Business Intelligence – The Business Intelligence reporting tool in Sage 300 enables the Company to design its desired reports in a format and way the Management wants to view.
  5. Complete and accurate information history – Sage 300 for Cosmetic Industry maintains the historical data which provides a clear visibility to all the information in real time.
  6.  Bill Of Material – Comprehensive Bill of material functionality which allows to define both single and multi-level BOM structure is available in Sage 300 ERP.
  7. Robust Inventory Management – Get complete movement of the items from the warehouse to the retail store and ultimately to the customer.
  8. Multiple Pricing and Kit – It provides flexibility to define multiple pricing. Merge various items together to form a kit, which can be sold as one item.
  9. After sales process – If the product is faulty or there was a product return, the necessary data is easily available, accurate and complete. With Sage 300, customer management and service becomes easier, hence, paving a path for stronger customer loyalty.

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