Boost Your Team’s Efficiency: Best Workflow Management Software

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The theory of organizational life cycle according to Itzhak Adizes consists of nine major stages: Courtship, Infancy, Go-go, Adolescence, Prime, Stabilization, Aristocracy, Early bureaucracy, Bureaucracy, and Death. Every other company moves from one stage to another based on the niche specifics, level of competition, the volume of investments, and other varying factors, 

As soon as the company starts to grow and establish on the market, there appear new clear responsibilities and roles along with the need to implement, manage, and optimize related processes. And if you are going through the early stages of business development, you may as well do just fine without any additional efforts. Specialized software tools, however, will help you speed things up and boost the efficiency of most processes and workflow efforts you make. 

workflow management software

What is Workflow Management?

Managing workflow processes, one has to go through a bunch of required stages, such as:

  • The creation of a set of procedures for repetitive tasks;
  • Description of responsibilities & work instructions;
  • Regulation of communication within a team;
  • Organization of conditions for efficient workflow;
  • Control & analysis of professional activity;
  • Workflow optimization efforts.

Who is Responsible for Process Workflow?

In every other company, the responsibility for managing working processes may be assigned to different specialists. This ultimately depends on the number of employees, corporate hierarchy, and other factors. As per usual, the major positions to take up workflow management include department managers, team leads, product/project managers, HRs (human resources expert), and even CEOs or business owners in some cases. 

Reasons to Use Workflow Management Tools

A human ability to focus attention on things, process and store large volumes of information is limited and requires a significant mental input. Routine tasks may consume a lot of time and stamina. There are also human factor-caused mistakes that can only be minimized so much due to human nature.  

Specialized tools help companies optimize processes, track results, and take timely measures. They help to make your employees’ professional agenda much less stress-loading, automating a lot of mechanics and repetitive work, letting your in-house specialists focus on creative and intellectual tasks.  

workflow management software

How Can Team Workflow Management Tools Help You?

The major tasks specialized company management tools can help you and your whole department handle include:

  • Partial or all-around automation of routine tasks that take extra time & employee effort;
  • Thorough tasking, with efficient distribution of responsibilities, convenient discussion of task details, and workflow monitoring; 
  • Tracking of tasks & analysis of statistics (tasks done, tasks overdue, etc.);
  • Visualization of the general workflow processes in detail;
  • Saving & sharing of corporate documents within the dedicated system.

What You Should Pay Attention to When Picking Tools

Selecting the most fitting software tools for your business, above all else, you should focus on the tasks you need to handle with them. All in all, clarify the following before making a final pick: 

  • Do you need convenient, all-around intuitive software or more niche, narrowly-profiled solutions? 
  • Are you looking for workflow automation & in which particular aspects?
  • Do you need to distribute management access?
  • Are software integrations crucial?
  • What reports & analytics would you make use of & in which form?

Selection Criteria

If you are looking at a bunch of fitting tools and need to settle with something, we’d recommend assessing each and every above-mentioned factors as well as to such moments as pricing, license restrictions, etc. with points – 1 to 5. Evaluate every separate aspect of every other tool with points and make your final choice based on the results.  

TOP 20 Workflow Management Tools to Use

This is a collaborative performance and communication platform to help you track tasks, keep statistics, and manage workflow overall. Monday is pretty simple and accessible, but there are still tutorials on the official website and YouTube if you experience any difficulties. Visually, it resembles a social network where you can invite and add task participants.


This one is a cloud-based workflow management application that is intended for assigning and tracking tasks by projects, teams, and individual employees. It is supported by Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and web frameworks can be integrated with a bunch of other services. and allows guest access. 

Bpm’online studio

A platform for establishing and managing business workflow processes. It contains a bunch of handy readymade software automation solutions. The product can be installed either in the cloud storage or on the client’s hardware.  


This is yet another prominent platform for automating routine tasks and collecting workflow data. It is commonly used for implementing administrative and HR responsibilities – new employee registration, management of sick days, vacations, and business trips, and much more. 


This is the team workflow management software that best fits small-scale business establishments. It ultimately helps to track tasks, monitor different workflow aspects, and analyze all the workflow-related data. The platform is a great digital environment for making up documentation, managing client relationships, and gathering analytics. 


Process management software for online workflow management that can help you reduce employee stress-load, integrate content, and work with documents – structure, store, and share them. It gathers all the workflow tasks in one place accessible via the cloud, local system, or mobile application. 


A document management solution focused on large and midsize businesses that is great for handling corporate software and allows setting and managing tasks as well. 


Now, this here is a helpful platform that allows launching various web apps and services without the need to specify authorization data manually every time. This is another way to accelerate your usual project workflow – you will simply have all the passwords and logins stored in one place. It is also a method to protect important corporate passes and prevent hacks. 


This is another prominent platform for establishing workflow processes that is also good at tracking and optimizing various corporate processes. It helps a lot in collecting and analyzing data, having all the necessary business analysis features for that. 


This here is a more pro-developer-oriented solution that helps testing software pieces and measure efficiency indicators. As a result of using Turbonomic in daily corporate management, you can expect a certain workflow performance boost. It is flexible in capabilities and simple to work with. 

Process Street

A solution for managing and tracking workflow tasks for teams. The main benefit of this workflow management software is the ability to create duplicated checklists, which great for scaling purposes and process minimization. 


A cloud-based system for organizing and accelerating task completion that is largely focused on work with documentation, such as contracts, agreements, formal complaints, work reports, deal requests, and others. 


This is a flexible all-in-one workflow management system with an intuitive interface that can boast task management, time tracking, activity analysis, discussions, chat rooms, and more. The software works within a centralized digital environment and can be connected to other cloud servers. 


A Kanban-based solution that provides a centralized digital space optimal for collaborative work. Nifty has a neatly looking, intuitive interface and a special roadmap for workflow progress visualization as an authentic feature. 


This is a company platform for managing projects that is positioned as a people management centralized software solution. Comidor has an accessible interface and features similar to a full-blown CRM system. It supports all kinds of cloud-based, SaaS, and web APIs. 


This one is among the best workflow management software for team according to lots of other top lists online, which provides quite an in-depth workflow tracking and management customization as opposed to other similar tools. It is based on the Kanban methods and features workflow regulations and triggers.  


Samepage is a software solution for optimizing employee performance and establishing client interaction. It allows combining files, calendars, and tasks. Samepage also employs a novel approach to the user cabinet design, which can be a breath of fresh air for some users and an excessive novelty to take in for others. 


A complex tool for organizing and further handling task workflow management. Integrify can help you efficiently adjust staff performance and analyze statistical results in the real-time mode. 

Comindware Tracker

Comindware provides a bunch of specialized automation solutions that are mostly web-based. Comindware Tracker, in particular, is an accessible time tracker with lots of process templates that can be handled by every other employee. 

Workflow Max

To finish our list off, here’s one of the top workflow management solutions for small and midsize businesses that help with managing projects, scheduling meetings, and analyzing work results. Workflow Max can boast high preciseness of reports forming and time tracking. 

Things to Consider When Choosing Resource Scheduling Tools

Once you realize that you need some performance-boosting tools in your company, you shouldn’t run and start looking up the top solutions online. Form your individual requirements based on the particular business needs and specifics instead. Define your:

  • Workflow management goals;
  • Level of required accessibility;
  • Budget;
  • Scope of needed features (all-in-one platform or separate tools);
  • Availability (necessary mobile apps, cloud access, distributed user access, etc.).

Analyzing the Best Workflow Management Tools 

best workflow management software

The feature you are reading may as well be your convenient compass to efficiently direct you in the enterprise workflow management software searches. You can take a look at each and assess them by the 5-grade system – their pricing, accessibility, and features package. Then, take a more detailed look through options with the highest grades. 

To make it all easy and not bother with complicated technical choices, though, try Nimble CRM. It will help you thoroughly manage business workflow, packing all the necessary customer relations capabilities into one powerhouse platform. 


There are many various software solutions intended specifically for workflow management out there. And you think that there are only slight differences between the top solutions in this niche. we beg to differ. Accessibility of setup and use, interface, functionality, integrability, and allowances – all of that should fit your particular company requirements and needs. Only in such a way will you be able to find the best fit out there and witness significant business boosts.