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I work as part of a team of 25 people. We are looking for a way better manage our team's relationships with businesses and voluntary/community organisations in our area, and I suspect there will be some existing CRM solutions out there that could help us do the following:

  • More easily maintain an up to date list of individuals and their contact details alongside other information about the business/organisation they work for, shared amongst all team members – I would expect a minimum of 1k contacts growing to over 8k when fully populated.
  • Allow team members to record the nature of our interactions with that business
  • Allow team member to see which other team members have been in contact with a person or business and why
  • Allow team members to report on when contacts have been updated in a given time period and when interactions have happened.

We are limited by our own IT department who will not:

  • Support stand-alone software installs on our system (so will need a web-based system)
  • Allow integration with email (we use G-Suite)
  • Allow integration with VOIP telephony
  • Provide us with any help or support whatsoever

We are also limited by our own relative lack of knowledge about this type of system and how we could get the most out of it.

I'd really appreciate any suggestions you have for how to tackle this, especially any potential web based off the shelf solutions.

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