Why a Second Phone Line?

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Having a second phone line works well if you run any kind of business. The best option you have is a VoIP service. You will often need to keep in touch with your clients and customers especially when your company starts to expand. It can sometimes be very expensive getting another phone in order to get a new number. You will want to keep your business line separate from your personal one. This is so that once the business is closed for the day you can switch off the work line. You also don’t want to give out your personal number because there’s nothing worse than customers calling you in the middle of the night.

A second line makes more sense for businesses and price for a VoIP could start from less than $10 per month. That’s way cheaper than buying a smartphone for over a thousand dollars or paying a monthly phone contract for around $70. Adopting this type of phone system allows a business to reduce or remove a variety of costs that are associated with traditional communications. Call charges are often much lower, and firms don’t need to pay for multiple phone lines or loads of hardware.

There are different apps available to get a second number and save a lot of money. Apps such as iPlum, that doesn’t only allow you to get a new number but also port your existing landline or mobile number. It works great for both calling and texting. The good thing about a second line is that you can use it on the same smartphone without having to swap out or change your SIM card.

A second line is important to have when you’re a business owner. They can have way more features than your standard everyday phone line. A second line isn’t only for business owners if you just want a second line for whatever reason then it’s worth trying.

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