Community Summit and extreme365 Europe 2020: Prepare for your Power Apps Portals project

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Editor’s Note: is collaborating with Community Summit Europe and extreme365 Europe 2020 to explore the upcoming conferences in a series of preview articles. 

For anyone following the evolution of portals for Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform recently, Nicholas Hayduk, founder of Engineered Code in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada may seem like a community mainstay. In a way he is, but his public participation only dates back to 2018. And it all started at User Group Summit Europe two years ago in Dublin.

“I had the experience before that, but even when my session got picked up [for Dublin in 2018], I wasn’t doing the blog, the videos,” Hayduk says.

What he already had at that point was the experience after years working at Adxstudio and then at his own firm, remaining largely focused on portals. “So I was not really known [before that]. But Portals was also still a new thing. Then, after the Adxstudio acquisition, Microsoft started to turn out new features.”

Community Summit and extreme365

Now gearing up for his third Community Summit and second extreme365 event in Europe, Hayduk has four sessions planned for the Barcelona event, which runs from March 9 to 12. Those sessions, two for the partner audience and two for the users, will build on some of the themes he has taught before, but will also be informed by the latest 2020 wave 1 release plans.

Over the last few years, preparing business systems for GDPR was a hot topic around the world, but especially at European events, and especially around portals use cases. But with most organizations now gaining familiarity with the regulations, Hayduk expects a lower level of GDPR talk this year. One area that could gain more attention instead is the increasing need for multi-lingual support for portals.

“Portals supports [multi-lingual scenarios] and, in regions like Europe where there are a wide variety of languages that organizations do business in, it’s a topic that customers want to understand,” Hayduk says. “But there is certainly a learning curve to overcome, as there is more to it than just installing a language pack into your CDS database.”