Sage CRM, a robust and scalable CRM solution for SMEs has enabled streamlining and improved business processes, closer management of customer relationships, increased revenues and decreased inefficiencies around the Globe. Sage CRM provides management with timely and reliable insight to guide important decisions. Through its various features, Sage CRM makes it possible for all its customers to do their business smoothly globally and to also benefit from Global Procurement for Suppliers through a single system.

From providing visibility of all operations globally, to assisting in helping the company connect better with its Stakeholders and Suppliers all over, Sage CRM excels in customer retaining.

How does Global Procurement Module work?

The Global Procurement module in Sage CRM, implemented in a group shipment company was responsible for sourcing goods and services for the Group, selecting suppliers and negotiating agreements. This would further incorporate provision of both operational purchasing and relationship building which will be carried out on a day-to-day basis.

The feature developed for the shipment company was accessible globally by all relevant stakeholders wherein they could drop a request related for various requirements such as range of graphical or interactive reports, technical support, or to get the overall data that enriches the suppliers & further helps in data categorization.

These request details would be ultimately made available within Sage CRM along with the Request Acknowledgement email functionality thereby, acknowledging the successfully logging of request to both the Stakeholder as well as the CRM user.

Global procurement system in India

Global procurement system

The appropriate CRM user was then able to process the request and record the progress with the help of a workflow designed within CRM. We at Sage Software, had even provided the client with a Survey Feedback functionality against every single request that would ultimately help the Management to measure the quality and service of their representatives. All the Survey details would be maintained against the request as shown below.

Global procurement system in India

Global procurement system

These Survey feedback would thereby help improvising the service provided to the Customer by making it more efficient and up to the mark.

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