5 ways CRM helps the small retailer

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CRM retailer-As a small business owner, you understand the importance of advantages when it comes to serving customers.

These days, we typically look to technology to get the help and leg-up we need.  For small to mid-sized enterprises, a customer relationship management (CRM) system or software platform is one technology that offers an abundance of benefits that can not only make work-life simpler, but also transform the entire business.

Generally speaking, a CRM is database of customer interactions that businesses use to help their marketing and sales teams provide streamlined customer service. Many SMEs today still handle customer interactions and data using old-fashioned Excel spreadsheets or filing systems. These methods, while useful for a time, offer little long-term value on scalability, shareability, and customer insights.

A CRM, however, can help your business better understand the needs and concerns of its customers and be more precise and deliberate in nurturing those relationships. Managing customer data, tracking leads, and answering customer feedback requests are some basic functionalities of a CRM.

When looking under the hood of a CRM solution, you’ll see that there are far more powerful features that can give your SME the edge it needs to compete and the push it needs to grow.

Improve customer service

How your business handles customer service is a big definer of your brand. Consumers today have come to expect personalized, one-on-one service when dealing with a company. This is especially true for SME customers who often know their proprietors personally.  One way to improve customer service this is through a CRM helpdesk ticketing system, which allows internal teams to prioritize customers where managers can assign accounts to team members. It can also organize all tickets and cases to ensure customer issues are resolved promptly and with recorded notes.

Track team efficiency

Because SMEs operate with fewer employees, it’s important to know how and if individuals and teams are working efficiently and effectively. Most CRM solutions have an integrated field service management feature. This enables you to know what customers your sales representatives have visited with real-time tracking and check-ins. Field representatives can also access the field service management on their mobile devices and input information about site and customer interactions, ensuring maximum productivity.

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