SAP’s Hana Resolution For 2020

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SAP has to consolidate the chaos of different Hana versions, numerous service packages and revisions – a nice task for 2020, maybe, if SAP is up for it.


SAP Hana 2020

SAP Hana 2020-During an E-3 exclusive interview with SAP co-CEO Christian Klein, he said, “We are optimistic that soon, all customers will operate on Hana 2.0.” However, SAP is currently struggling with numerous different service packages of Hana 1 and 2.

SAP customers are hearing what Christian Klein is saying, but apparently, they aren’t buying it. According to a DSAG (German-speaking SAP user group) survey, only 24 percent of its members still trust SAP products and roadmaps.

Furthermore, the software quality is decreasing. Not only various service packages are troubling SAP customers, but also the increased organizational efforts that numerous revisions bring (we’ve reached Revision 122.27 for service package 12 of SAP Hana 1.0, for anybody wondering).

Hana consolidation needed

Hana admins are criticizing the overwhelming amount of bug fixes and service packages. “If SAP releases a new patch every six weeks and changes its recommendations for parameter settings even more often than that, where does that leave us?”

SAP has an answer for them, “Customers are free to choose when to upgrade and when to reboot. Most Hana parameters can be changed online, without having to reboot the system.”

Hilarious and misguided as this answer may be, it begs some interesting questions. For example, why is SAP regularly releasing patches, then, if it isn’t expecting its customers to actually use them and fix recognized bugs? If Hana admins turn to SAP support for help with any given problem, the first recommendation is always to update and reboot the system before support staff will even take a look at it.

In his E-3 exclusive interview, Christian Klein promises customers, “In-memory technology will also be available in the cloud. Real-time computing and the integration of business processes is what makes SAP stand out among its competition.”

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Article Credit: E3 Magazine