ERP for Automobile Industry

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Automobiles like discreet manufacturing companies have multiple processes like procurement, assembly, painting, testing, delivery, etc. of the automobiles. These processes are unique to a manufacturing company and hence, need a solution which can help the companies to streamline and view all the processes under one system.

Sage 300, a scalable and robust ERP solution is capable of not only handling and streamlining all the processes on one platform, but also help the company have access to data and make critical business decisions on the go.

What are the benefits of Sage 300 ERP for automobile Industry ?

  • Easily configure all the required data into specific modules.

Automobile industries have a huge amount of data related to inventory, logistics, and financial accounts. Since the demand for travel by automobiles is increasing day by day, it is taken that this data would be increasing day by day. In Sage 300, this data can be split into different modules which will make the data easily manageable with different modules like Accounts, Inventory, and Orders etc.

  • Easily customize regularly use reports.


Whenever you will sell any vehicle, that time you also need to provide the different kind of bills to customer like tax invoices, debit note, credit note, Gate pass etc. Sage 300 has some standard formats of tax invoices but according to the company, this requirement is be easily customize.

  • Easily integrate with other management systems.

Sage 300 can easily integrate with other management systems like DMS, POS etc. DMS is the most common system which dealers have. Many time, the users are used to operating on a DMS system & if they are given a different system, the users will find it difficult to operate and will take a considerable amount of time to learn the system. This can also lead to mismatch and wrong data being operated. Sage 300 can easily integrate other operating systems and produce Business Intelligent reports taking data from all the systems. This helps you with reduction in time for making entries in multiple system and avoid human error.

Import and Export is also a kind of integration that Sage 300 can do. Exporting the data into various files like text, excel etc. and our integration utility will read those files & create automated entries into Sage 300.

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