The End Of The Road For The SAP 2025 Deadline?

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SAP 2025 Deadline

SAP 2025 Deadline-Even though it won’t be easy, reaching the end of the road for the 2025 ERP/ECC 6.0 and Business Suite 7 deadline seems more likely than ever.

2025 will not be the end of the world – or of the SAP community. Behind closed doors, SAP, ASUG (Americas’ SAP User Group) and DSAG (German-speaking SAP User Group) are talking about how to avoid a 2025 Armageddon. It’s not as easy as just doing away with the deadline, however.

There are three main obstacles on the path to a carefree SAP future: AnyDB, Java and Abap – meaning the NetWeaver stacks needed to keep SoH, SAP Business Suite 7 on Hana, alive.

The SAP service note 1648480 sparked discussion about the latter two. The note details the end of NetWeaver stack Java (in 2024) and Abap (in 2025). An SAP spokesperson confirmed that any concerns about its content were valid. SAP said it has recognized the problem but that there was no sustainable solution at the time being. The ERP company is still discussing the issue with user groups.

For example, the German-speaking SAP user group DSAG confirmed that discussions with SAP regarding this topic were still ongoing. DSAG management board member Andreas Oczko even talked about extending the deadline 2025.

Maybe the annual DSAG conference in October 2020 will shed some light on the issue. However, some experts say that October is way too late and consequently expect an official announcement at Sapphire in May 2020.

Deadline 2025 for AnyDB

Even if SAP comes up with a sustainable solution for this problem, there’s still another, bigger one: AnyDB.

Database contracts with IBM, Microsoft and Oracle end with 2025 – SAP has already cancelled them. Drawing up new ones or extending the ones already cancelled seems problematic and hardly possible. Nevertheless, German-speaking user group DSAG wants to talk about the AnyDB issue with SAP as well. Time will tell if these talks will come to fruition.

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Article Credit: E3 Magazine