The 10 Biggest Big Data News Stories Of 2019

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From major acquisitions like Salesforce-Tableau, to the exploding use of AI and machine learning technologies, to increased consumer demands for data protection regulations, the headlines in the big data world in 2019 were, well, big.


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Big Data News-Big News In Big Data

From blockbuster acquisitions, to controversy over data privacy and protection, to the rapid incorporation of artificial intelligence and machine learning within business analytics tools, 2019 was an eventful year in the Big Data arena.

Acquisitions were rife in the industry this year, from game-changing deals like’s $15.7 purchase of data analytics and visualization software vendor Tableau Software to smaller acquisitions that allowed companies like Sisense, Alteryx and Logi Analytics to expand their technology portfolios.

There were big data companies like Databricks that succeeded and flourished, and companies like MapR Technologies that failed.

And there were the mega-trends of increased use of AI and machine learning in big data software, the growing use of Kubernetes as a big data platform, and the rising focus on unprotected and misused customer data.

Here’s a look at what we think were the 10 biggest news stories in Big Data in 2019.


10. SAS Goes All-In On AI With $1-Billion Spending Plan

Artificial intelligence and machine learning were hot in 2019, especially in the big data and business analytics space. But the industry sat up and took notice when business analytics software leader SAS announced in March that the company would invest $1 billion in AI over the next three years.

Specifically, SAS said it would spend the $1 billion on AI research and development, educational initiatives to address customer needs and help them better understand and benefit from AI, and expert services to optimize customer return on AI projects.

SAS is already working with AI in such areas as advanced analytics, machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing and computer vision. The company is building AI capabilities into the core SAS platform and other applications for data management, customer intelligence, fraud and security intelligence, and risk management, as well as within applications for such industries as financial services, government, health care, manufacturing and retail.


9. Big Data Gets Real (Time)

Real-time big data technology has been gaining steam in recent years as demands grow for the ability to process and analyze streaming data in real time, such as data generated by financial trading systems, operational IT applications or networks of Internet of Things devices.

Market researcher IDC has forecast that by 2025 nearly 30 percent of all generated data will be real-time data.

That’s driving the growing popularity of tools and software for managing and analyzing real-time data, including open-source systems like Apache Flink, Apache Kafka and Apache Storm; software from developers including Confluent and Striim; and cloud-based systems such as Amazon Kinesis and Azure Stream Analytics.

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