India is one of largest producer of sugar in the world which is the key ingredients in almost every household and also is the raw material for other businesses like soft drinks and foods, hence it is very much required for this industry to automate majority of the processes to meet the ever increasing demand and supply methodology.

The sugar Industry can be divided into two major sectors which includes organized and unorganized sector. Sugar factories belong to the organized sector and those who produce traditional sweeteners fall into unorganized sector. Gur and Khandsari are the traditional forms of sweeteners.

To meet the challenges of a complicated Labor and process intensive industry such as Sugar, the industry needs an ERP system that will help them in managing their internal and external resources optimally. Sage ERP has many industry specific modules which can be configured keeping in mind the practical challenges associated with the Sugar Industry.

Sugar Industry faces multiple challenges related to management of internal resources as well as the external stakeholders of the organization such as the out-growers, transporters, loaders, cane cutters, local statutory authorities etc.

Sage ERP helps in systematic farmer accounting, improved yields, better harvesting planning and cane cutting, significant fuel savings and reduction in casual labor. Sage Software Solutions helps the company in terms of taking quick decision making, optimizing inventory, bringing transparency and standardizing the process and production with 20+ years of implementation experience.

Sage ERP for Sugar Industry provides very good options to capture the various stages of the Sugar processing namely:

  1. Extracting juice by pressing sugarcane
  2. Boiling the juice to obtain crystals
  3. Creating raw sugar by spinning crystals in extractors
  4. Taking raw sugar to a refinery for the process of filtering and washing to discard the remaining non sugar elements and hue
  5. Crystallizing and drying sugar
  6. Packaging the ready sugar

By having implemented Sage ERP for Sugar Industry, one would be able to

  1. Improved cost control
  2. Improved production cycle
  3. Improved capacity utilization
  4. Improved productivity of account plan
  5. More efficient cash collection
  6. Better monitoring of inventory, receivables and improved cost management due to the availability of accurate and timely on-line information

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