Sage ERP for Tea Industry

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Tea is an aromatic beverage commonly prepared by boiling the cured leaves of the Camellia Senesis, its biological name in water. Tea is one of the most consumed beverage in the world. The widespread popularity of tea as a recreational drink began in the earnest in the 1920’s after a successful advertising campaign by the tea board. When we have such a huge market for this industry then it becomes very much essential to have a stable and robust solution which will help in maintaining the transactions in a single solution.

Sage 300 ERP helps to cover all the phases of tea garden activity starting from recording the details of employees plucking the tea leaves from the garden to dispatching the finished goods from the factory. Sage 300 ERP helps in maintaining Inventory, Accounting, Budgeting, Manufacturing at the multiple field / factory level.

At the HO level Sage 300 ERP for Tea Industry helps in Procurement to pay and Order to Receipt cycle, based on these transactions both at field and HO level, Sage ERP for Tea Industry helps one to generate various MIS reports from the system itself.

Hence, by using Sage 300 ERP there is a reduced dependency on excel and spreadsheet based reporting structure as all the data is available in the system itself. As Sage 300 ERP is a modular software and all the modules are fully integrated hence there is no duplication of data or redundancy of the data.

Sage 300 ERP for Tea Industry helps in:

  1. Advance reporting structure by capturing all the transactions with each and every minute detail
  2. The secured data in the system as we can define role based authorizations to individual users
  3. Effective and innovative implementation methodology
  4. Well managed inventory and ageing for the inventory as these raw material should reach the factory at the earliest
  5. Simpler processing cycle as by passing single entry the raw material stock and finished stocks are maintained.

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