Intelligent Business Continuity vs. Traditional Backup

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For modern manufacturers and distributors, it’s of the upmost importance to protect their most valuable asset: their data. The data compiled across their ERPCRM and other software applications drives decisions and growth strategies. If that information disappears, operations can’t easily resume. Pretty soon, customers will also disappear.  

Many businesses rely on tapes and external hard drives to copy their data, but these traditional methods are deeply flawed. Intelligent business continuity (IBC) is an automated, image-based process that removes the risk and complexity of file-based backups. We explain what makes IBC superior to traditional backups when it comes to keeping your data safe 

Slow Recovery 

With businesses losing an average of $260,000 per hour of downtime, it’s critical to get applications up and running soon after disaster strikes. However, with traditional backups, it might be weeks until you recover data—if you recover it at all. Let’s say you restore data on an in-house server. If the hardware fails, getting your data back won’t be easy. Let’s say you store data off site. It could take days for those tapes to arrive. Additionally, as datasets grow larger, restoration takes even longer. 

Instant recovery is possible with an intelligent business continuity solution. Image-based backups are automatically saved in multiple areas, both locally and in the cloud, to ensure data is recoverable no matter what disaster besets your organization. Our EverSafe! backup and disaster recovery solution can ship data overnight from one of our bi-coastal data storage locations. With automated data redundancy and reliable performance, your business can get back up and running in minutes, so you don’t have to pay the price of downtime.  

Difficult Maintenance 

Traditional backups sure don’t make data protection easy for IT teams. First, there’s the matter of protecting data across multiple applications. Backup software must often be installed in each system, resulting in decentralized tracking and management. Then, you have the difficulty of testing backups. Though backups should be tested daily to prevent data loss, they’re often tested about once a year because of the complexity of the process. Manually copying, storing and backing up data in multiple locations and shipping tapes off site require a hefty investment in time and money.  

Intelligent business continuity takes the responsibility of backup and disaster recovery out of your hands. By automating the process, IBC almost entirely cuts down on manual processes, reducing human error. Screenshots are automatically taken of each image-based backup to confirm successful backups. EverSafe! also centralizes its appliances in a central web interface, allowing quick access to critical metrics and detailed remote management capability. That means EverSafe! support experts can virtualize a failed server on an appliance that’s hundreds of miles away in just a few clicks. IBC eliminates the burden of traditional backups, so you no longer have to worry about costly maintenance.  

High Risk  

The whole point of performing backups is to reduce the risk of downtime and data loss, but traditional backup comes with its own risks. The difficult maintenance process results in a high risk of human error. Just one issue on the backup chain will make restoration impossible and result in the loss of some data. If data is only backed up in one location, local or cloud, a disaster could wipe it all out.  

Two other risks include tape failure and theft. A fingerprint or close proximity to a magnetized area can render data on a magnetic tape unusable. Because of this sensitivity, tape failure rates exceed 50%. Theft, the top cause of data security breaches, can easily occur if you transport data for off-site storage or allow employees to store tapes at their home.  

With intelligent business continuity, there’s no need to worry about flimsy tapes and complicated backup chains. EverSafe! converts data from servers into virtual machines for each backup. This process ensures that data can be restored without relying on past incremental backups. Datix, a software consulting firm for over 20 years, has trusted industry experts who offer 24/7/365 support. Our automated solution and certified consultants will keep your enterprise data safe.  

Wrap Up  

Every organization needs a strong backup strategy to serve as disaster insurance to protect their software. Traditional backups just aren’t enough to handle today’s large datasets and growing data security threats. Intelligent business continuity is comprehensive, automated and reliable, giving your business peace of mind. 

Let EverSafe! serve as your safety net against IT disasters. With screenshot backup verification, instant virtualization, intelligent ransomware protection and other features in a single solution, EverSafe! is equipped to protect your organization’s information. EverSafe! delivers reliable business continuity and ensures you’re never held hostage by ransomware. 

Guard your business against data loss and downtime. Contact Datix today to learn more about EverSafe!