How are Millennials affecting Organizations

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How is an ERP software beneficial for Millennials?

Generation Y or fondly known as Millennials are those born in the late 1980s – early 2000s. But why should they be of interest? Because with the advent of 2015 – 2016, the millennials have now started taking up the front seat in most areas. We are now seeing a Start-up boom wherein the millennials are defying 9 – 5 desk jobs to follow their dream and make it big.

It is the millennials now who we see are ready to not only take risks but also readily invest in research and development, marketing and operations. One of the unique characteristics of Millennials is that they believe in process and also doing things out of the box.

How are Millennials affecting the organizations?

Millennial employees are always on the move. They do not wish to sit behind their desk, instead, they want to be where the business is happening. For this generation which is on a regular move, companies must equip them with the right tools. Cloud Adoption is seen to be very popular among the Gen Y now. Hence, the organizations too, need to help them with access to data anytime, any device and from anywhere.

Over here, the companies themselves need to adopt a cloud friendly, scalable and robust enterprise software which will help them not only access data on the go but also take strategic decision based on the go.

While talking about millennial customers, we see that they are a bit impatient and need faster answers and accessibility. While facing a Gen Y customer, the organizations cannot afford to not be ready with their data. If a customer asks about availability of stock, the sales person should be equipped to answer the question. Responses like ‘we will get back to you’ or ‘I will just call and check’ portray the company / sales person as unsure and hence, the customer will not likely go with the product.

Now, imagine the same sales person has a tablet with cloud enabled feature which helps him know the availability and block the stocks on the very instant, the customer will be more than happy with the TAT of his enquiry.

How is SMAC affecting organizationsHow is SMAC affecting organizations

Millennial customers need slightly faster and always available applications. Hence, the company needs to design their products, especially if it is an enterprise product like an ERP Software, based on their needs. Cloud adoption not only offers accessibility of data, but also high security to the data.

There are many available ERP software in the market but before purchasing, the customer needs to keep a lot of things in mind like his budget, extent of customization, ROI, etc.

The future of ERP software is on mobile. The requirement for more user friendly ERP systems will increase. Use of Social Media for lead generation and customer interaction will grow and there will be an integration between social media and ERP software to create a Social CRM.

Social CRM and Mobile CRM will be the buzz and the user expectation in the very near future. To know how can your company meet with the growing demand of the millennials, SMS SAGE to 56767. You can also write to Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd at