Why Cloud ERP Could be a Growing Company’s Greatest Asset for Managing Information

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Having a successful, growing business is the dream of every small company. However, this growth does not come without challenges. Many small companies have several different departments and with them, several different disconnected software products. As these companies become larger, however, managing all these different disjointed software environments becomes difficult and time-consuming.

This was a challenge faced by Lifeway Mobility. As a rapidly growing accessibility solution provider with offices in many states, the company is expecting to double in size within the next 12 months. They needed a centralized system where they could visually see business operations and consolidate data.

Lifeway Mobility gives two main reasons why they chose to use Acumatica Cloud as their solution. First, the expanding company needed a platform that could be rolled out in new locations without scaling up infrastructure. Second, a critical part of their field service delivery model was being able to access the ERP system on any mobile platform from anywhere. Acumatica was able to successfully fill both of these needs.

With a single Acumatica implementation, Lifeway Mobility has been able to eliminate 6 different software programs that required redundant data entry. This has allowed for:

  • A shortened time to set up new offices
  • An increased focus on customer service
  • Quick access to data in order to take advantage of trends
  • Zero infrastructure costs

Many businesses have seen the need to simplify the operation of their growing companies with one single, connected system. Lifeway Mobility is just one example. You can read their full success story “Acumatica Helps Company Rapidly Accelerate Growth with One Connected System in the Cloud” at www.calzone.com to learn more about how Acumatica Cloud ERP System helped this company.

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