Why Buy a Truck Paint Booth in 2020?

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The number of cars on the streets is increasing, and the growth in sales of larger vehicles, such as RVs and trucks, is particularly noticeable. More of these vehicles mean more work for car painters, and the reasons are apparent.

Trucks take up more space; they need a wider parking lot and more space to open doors. As this is not always possible, drivers and their fellow travelers often bumped another car, a dumpster, or a traffic sign when they open the doors. Also, another vehicle may hit you while passing.

In each of these cases, going to a repair shop is necessary, because there is no other way to restore the scratches or fix the entire vehicle coating. These require specialized truck paint booth large enough to house the car, the worker, and extra space for smooth movement and ventilation.

Every painting business that wants to keep up with the trends must get one of these booths. Buying a unit like this can be a significant investment, but the return on cash is almost certain and very quick. Working in these conditions is far more efficient than using other methods. Besides, this technology is convenient because it can be used to paint large equipment and other massive things.

It’s important to know what your business focuses on. For example, if the objects you are mostly working on are big trucks and buses, get an extra-large cabin that you can then adapt for work with smaller vehicles and RVs if necessary.

Modern booths can be equipped with specialized systems that allow for quick drying of vehicles (by achieving optimum temperature and humidity inside the unit) and high-quality finishing. How temperature affects the painting process, find out on this source.

People coming to your workshop will appreciate the quality and efficiency of your work, especially when they are in a hurry. And when you quickly finish one client, you have plenty of time to prepare your cabin for the next party. More work means higher profits and faster returns on the initial investment.

Given the prices of these spraying and finishing units, you need to find a reliable and licensed contractor. Although large-size ready-made truck paint booths can be found on the market, it’s best to get a custom-made unit that will fit your working area.

Each cabin has the equipment for basic operation. Most manufacturers offer many additional features that can make your job more manageable and accessible. For example, there are cabins with a control panel installed, with all required settings – temperature, lighting, coating density, drying time, etc. You can set parameters, and every time some of them are disturbed, you’ll get the notification. That is an excellent way of saving time and energy.

Today, there is increasing talk of energy efficiency and various types of savings. These principles apply to the auto industry and everything related to it. Nowadays, there is software that regulates and modifies the spray, so that cabin work is done quickly, efficiently, and with minimal waste. Control panel configurations aim to increase productivity while delivering energy and resource savings.

The purpose of buying a paint booth is to bring you more profits and more customers. If you want this unit to bring you earnings for many years, you need to service and maintain it on a regular basis.  A clean workplace is one of the first things that customers will notice.

Some general tips on how to clean all kinds of paint booths check below:


There are ways to facilitate these processes, thus significantly shortening the cleaning time. One is the use of disposable coatings, recommended by many truck paint booth manufacturers. You can also use removable linings that are put into the cabin before the truck gets in, and removed after work is complete. They dissolve as soon as you soak them, so there is no need to use abrasive cleaners.

Nowadays, the painting process must comply with the environmental requirements for reducing pollution. Paint spray is toxic and contains substances that create ground-level contamination. Therefore, the purchase of a truck paint booth with good airflow and filtration systems is a cost-effective investment.