Sage CRM for Information Services Industry

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Information Services Industry primarily works on the aim of delivering a bouquet of Information and Communication Technology or ICT solutions across the country. These ICT solutions in a more specific way assure the role of Information and Communications Technology by the  convergence of audio-visual and telephone networks with computer networks through a single cabling or link system. But most of these service providers find it a bit complex to manage and maintain the huge data valuable for their business. Sage CRM for Information services will provide you with a managing solution that will simplify your agenda of providing information services from and within the system.

One of our customers came up with a requisite where they wanted to provide farmers with a personalized timely and actionable agricultural information from pre-sowing to post-harvest stages through SMS on their mobile phones in their local language. We designed the system in such a way that we could capture necessary information such as the Farmer’s contact details, geographical details like Taluka, District, State then the crop for which the farmer is interested in getting updates for and so on. And deliver the service in the form of SMS notification.

The basic agenda of providing services to farmers was achieved with the help of Voucher generation and activation. This voucher would simply work or remain activated for the time period the farmer is interested in getting the information. It could be for a month, a quarter, half –yearly or for a year. On every single voucher, farmer would get the details for selectively two main crops which would cover Rich content sets like Market Price, Weather, Agri Advisory and News. Along with this, they would receive the crop information for two more optional crops selected.

To make this service more actionable and impactful, this industry provided vouchers in bulk to the retailer or distributor. They further sell this vouchers to farmers and maintain their details in a standard excel list. Further on, all the data maintained was imported in bulk in to CRM as a process of Voucher activation functionality. Even the farmers themselves could contact the Call center to ask them to activate the voucher.

As soon as the Voucher code along with the unique Serial Key gets punched in CRM, voucher is activated. Once activated, farmer gets acknowledged about the same through a Welcome message sent on their mobile phone. Thereby, initiating the process of sending two messages daily. One about the Weather and other one regarding Crop and Market Price.

Highlights of CRM for Information Services  –

  1. Available on any mobile phone with a data connection across all operators
  2. 9 languages, 450 crop varieties, 1300 markets and 4000 weather locations
  3. Flexibility to create and update Crops, Markets and Location preferences
  4. Choice of setting any 6 Crop-Market combinations
  5. Option of sharing feedback about content received through application
  6. Crop Prices from markets of their choice
  7. Local Weather Forecasts
  8. Agri Info that impacts prices or costs
  9. Crop Advisory tips to improve productivity or reduce risk
  10. Available in 9 Languages
  11. Compliant with all telecom operators and handsets
  12. Delivery of local content
  13. Supports simple user interface
  14. Accessible over the counter
  15. Considers farmer’s individual preferences
  16. At every stage of crop cycle

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