Cloud computing in 2020: Predictions about security, AI, Kubernetes, more

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Find out what Jack Wallen predicts for the cloud and cloud-adjacent technology in 2020 and why he encourages you to dream big.


Cloud computing in 2020

Cloud computing in 2020-The cloud is a technology that shattered the ceiling long ago and keeps rising. Ten years ago, we never dreamed that consumers and businesses would claim such a deep dependence on the cloud. Yet, here we are, so let’s dream big for cloud in 2020.

1. Hybrid cloud will rise in popularity

This coming year will see more businesses of all sizes turning to hybrid cloud. Many will find using a private cloud that can fail over to a public cloud–as demand dictates–will be the ideal way to leverage the cloud.

One type of hybrid cloud I believe will make serious gain is the on-premises cloud solution (such as Nextcloud) that will fail over to third-party solutions (such as AWS and Google Cloud Platform). When companies realize the cost savings with this model, it will become the most widely-used option.

2. Nextcloud will prosper and innovate

Nextcloud has been slowly growing in popularity over the years and is already the most widely deployed on-premises cloud solution. I predict 2020 will be a very good year for this open source solution. A number of enterprise companies in the US will adopt this solution as part of their hybrid approach; this will serve as a domino for other large companies following suit. These companies will help drive innovation with the Nextcloud solution, leading the cloud software to finally have features such as a built-in backup and an integrated office suite solution instead of just the ability to connect to a third-party option.

3. Google and AI