Sage 300 ERP in Natural Decoration Industry

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Natural Decoration is one of the most innovative and most demanded services everywhere. Be it weddings, parties or any function, natural decoration is most sought after and required to bring the atmosphere alive.

Natural Decoration is one of the most unique industries all over the world. In this industry, the shelf-life of the raw material plays a very important role as most of the raw materials used in the decorative industry are natural products like flowers and plants which have their own shelf lives which is usually short. Hence, it becomes very important to maintain the inventory fresh and updated at real-time.

In this type of industry, it becomes very important to manage the ageing of the inventory available and also to have enough incoming orders so that the consumption of the inventory is also streamlined and not wasted. Today’s growing competition requires that any industry maintains the balances in the cash flow and also to maintains funds to procure these natural material at the right time as some of the materials used in this industry are seasonal and once the season is over, then you will not get these products from anywhere before the next season. Hence the natural decoration industry is always in need of a system which helps it to maintain equal balance in all the aspects related to cash as well as inventory and check on the freshness of the inventory.

To overcome the problems faced by this industry, Sage Software Solutions has Sage 300 ERP which is a robust and stable product for almost 3 decades in the market. Sage 300 ERP will help the natural decoration industry to:

  • Maintain cash flow to procure raw materials
  • Maintain ageing of the Raw Material and Fast Goods so that timely actions can be taken
  • Maintain minimum and maximum quantity levels for all seasonal items
  • Maintain Bills of Material for finished goods and also notify the quantity required for service the orders received
  • Service the orders in a very effective and timely fashion

Using Sage 300 ERP, user can not only know the inventory flow, but also where the inventory is, so that it can be dispatched faster and still when the flowers and the plants are fresh. With Sage 300 ERP, the company has a chance to grow from the locality and serve customers on a larger scale.

When a very important task like inventory management and movement is taken care of, the company now only has to look after the growth and productivity. Better Inventory Management leads to better customer satisfaction and in turn, customer loyalty.

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