Sage CRM Chatting Tool Integration Enables Faster Communication across Multiple Geographies

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With the advent of modernization and consumers becoming more aware, technology has become trendy and the focus has shifted towards adapting user friendly and smart ways to develop business processes rather than stick to conventional methods.

Nowadays, be it a food ordering app, online shopping apps, or travel apps; chatting tool is the most prominent feature that is accommodated within these applications. The end goal is to ensure rapid customer service and satisfaction by providing details directly on the Chat tool without getting into long procedures or emails that could sometime result into time delays.

One such Chatting Tool is integrated with Sage CRM application to build in-house Chat app for the users of CRM.

We had recently built Chatting Tool by using available tools within Sage CRM 2019 R2 for one of the Client handling Call Center Business. It helped to build a Chat window that could be accessed by several users from CRM itself.

This inbuilt Chat window is made available to every User logged in to CRM. The ‘One Click to Activate Screen’ easily pops/displays the Chat tool at the bottom corner of the screen and thus doesn’t disturbs the work space of the user in CRM.

Sage CRM Chat List Feature

Sage CRM Chat window feature

Some of the main advantages of integrating Chatting tool with Sage CRM for internal users are given below:

  1. Improve Agent productivity: Integrating Chatting Tool into CRM application helps in seamless Customer query handling process. Your Call Centre support staff can work on the Customer query within the CRM application and gain immediate access to detailed information through the Chat tool from the previous Agent (concerned person/user) the customer had already reported the issue to.
  2. Connect instantly with remote agents: By implementing and making the Chat tool accessible within the CRM, Agents located at different locations/regions can also coordinate with each other. This adds up to a personalized communication experience.
  3. Reduced Expenses: This is mainly because Chat tool enables your agents or team members to multitask and assist several customers at once. On average, with proper training, most live chat agents can handle three or more chats simultaneously. This live chat benefit, called chat concurrency, saves companies a huge amount on personnel costs, as it allows a few live chat agents to serve the same amount of customers as a larger team of phone support employees.
  4. Faster Problem Resolutions: With the help of Chat tools, Agents are able to “push” links to help or training documents quickly via the chat window. Therefore, instead of walking users through troubleshooting and resolution procedures step by step, Agents can instead send each other links of the appropriate document or content directly.

These features can save agents and businesses a tremendous amount of time in helping resolve client problems.

Sage Software can help you integrate a chatting tool within the CRM for quicker query resolution. To know how Sage CRM can help boost productivity, contact us here. You can also SMS SAGE to 56767 or write to us at for a FREE demo or CRM consultation.