Looking For CRM (Consulting for Auto Insurance Claims)

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As the title says, I'm looking for a CRM for my Consulting Business for Auto Insurance Claims. I can't for the life of me find a good CRM that fits well.

Quite simply the service we provide is a creating a report for customers based on the information they provide and research that we find, with regards to their vehicle during an Auto Insurance Claim. Turnaround is typically 24 Hours.

Looking for a CRM that..

  • Integrates with Zapier
  • Has a "Work Que" (A pool of pending work that can be assigned to staff)
  • The work will be a file that has the customer info, tracks work progress, can leave notes and upload documents.

From my research, I find that Case Management Software such as Practice Panther, Clio, etc.. is what I'm looking for, but I find Practice Panther and Clio pretty over kill. (Really geared towards lawyers, trust fund, etc..)

The closest fit I could find is FileVine but unfortunately can't make it work at this time with their pricing.

Anyone aware of a CRM, Claim/Case Management that sounds like would work?

I've tried Practice Panther, Clio (Testing it out still), Zoho One (Very Confusing), Insightly, Bitrix.


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