{October wave 2 release bug on Make Price List Optional when product added to Opportunity on web client}

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Hello  Everyone,

Today i was working on new solution for customer where the requirement is to add the products to the opportunity record without “price list”.

As we know Microsoft have released new features in October Wave 2 release, in that release there is a new feature which will allow the user to add products to the opportunity without adding the price list.

Let’s see this in action.

Go to Sales > Opportunity > New Opportunity

Fill the mandatory fields like “Topic” and then save the Opportunity record.

Try to add “Product” to the opportunity by clicking on the “+” sign…

You will see “You must select the price list before you select the product” pop up.

We need to make changes to system settings to get work on Unified Interface, Please follow along.

Go to Settings > Administration > System Settings >

Now we have configured the system settings.. lets see this scenario on the Unified Interface.

Open the Dynamics 365 Sales Hub,Once Unified Interface is opened then click on the Opportunities..

Now opportunities view will be displayed and click on “NEW” Opportunity..fill value in “Topic” field and save opportunity..

Then click on the “Product Line Items tab after “Summary” Tab..

Once you click on the “+ add product” new page will be displayed related to the Product record.
As we have made changes on the system settings, so in the Unified Interface App is not asking the user to enter the Price List and it is allowing to add the product to the opportunity.

Cool thing is now you can write  new product with “Active stage”, in order to create new product from product window itself, we need to make system settings change, see below image.

Settings > Administration >  System Settings

So we are able to create new product and add the price for the product creating and discounts etc..

So you can drive through the sales cycle accordingly like create quote, order & invoice.
I hope this helps.
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