Auto populate contact and account details when New “lead” record is created

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Hello Everyone,

With the release of wave 2 October 2019, there is a new feature added to Dynamics 365 Apps for UCI only.

One of my client have a requirement to auto populate the contact and accounts data when filling the existing contact and account fields on new “lead” record created.

They are still using the Web client of Dynamics 365 Sales Application.

Lets see this in action.

Dynamics 365> Sales > Lead > New Lead

Fill the Business Process Flow of Qualify stage fields, see below image:

Once you fill in those fields on Business Process Flow and the associated Lead record fields will be auto populated.

Now i have selected the existing contact field from lookup then the  “Name”, “Job Title”, “Telephone”, “Email” fields auto populated

Similarly fill the account field  on the lead form and Company field is auto populated.

But if you need to fill rest of the fields of “company” like website and address fields then you need to write workflow or script to auto populated.

I hope this helps.

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