Contextual Email Communication in Dynamics 365 for Sales – 2019 Release Wave 2 (Unified Client)

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The new capability allows salespeople to write an email in the context of the record. Email opening in the non-blocking pop window allows salespeople to refer to the data without navigating away from it, easily attach documents and can leave the drafts record open.

The existing experience à

Clicking on the email

takes us to the new entity create form

To enable the new experience, navigate to App Settings and apply the Enhanced email

Now with new enhanced email, we can easily refer/copy values from the main record, attach files, insert templates, etc.

We can also navigate to other records, with the popup email windows still open.

Below we have navigated to the account record and we still have our email window open.

A salesperson can also have multiple active draft emails open simultaneously.

Thus, the new enhanced contextual email feature makes working with email much more intuitive / productive for the salesperson

Hope it helps..