Export Dynamics 365 Data to Excel – different options

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There are different options available for exporting Dynamics 365 Entity records to excel. The simplest being Export to Excel feature available in the product.

However, we might run into limitations like below


The easiest way of overcoming these limitations is to use the XrmToolBox plugin – Export to Excel


Other options include writing a windows executable that uses Dynamics 365 Web API for exporting data to excel format.

Use Microsoft Flow and export it to CSV file.

Create an SSRS report with required records \ columns and use Export to excel functionality.

Using KingswaySoft SSIS Integration Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and other 3rd party data integration tools.

One such 3rd party tool that makes it easy to export the data to excel and also to schedule is Skyvia’s Export package.

Let us see a simple example to understand how it works.

Here we are planning to export a custom entity record that has 1835629 records.

Here we have already created the required Dynamics CRM Connection.

Navigate to the Data Integration section and create a new Export Package.

For target, we have .csv as the file format. For Target, we have various options of either saving it locally, FTP or in cloud services.

Here we can filter the records, specifying an ordering for them, select the columns we want to export.

Click on Save to create the package. Alternatively, we can also specify the schedule for the package to run at.

Click on Run

We can see the package running and its status in the Run History section.

Each of the options for exporting the excel has its own pros and cons. For e.g. OOB Export to Excel feature has a limitation with the number of records that can be exported, with KingswaySoft we need someone skilled in SSIS to write the package and also, we need to buy the license if we need to schedule it. With other 3rd party apps also we would need to buy the license.

Hope it helps..