Turnkey Total Care – Coming Soon for Microsoft Dynamics GP Clients

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There are a lot of questions floating around regarding the fate of Microsoft Dynamics GP these days. Is Microsoft sunsetting the product? Do I have to migrate? Where can I find support if I don’t want to leave GP?

Turnkey Technologies has the answers to these questions.

First, Dynamics GP isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, Microsoft plans to continue investing in the product for several years to come.

Second, although Microsoft has a migration path for Dynamics GP users who want to migrate to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, everyone who is happy with Dynamics GP will be allowed to remain on it.

And third – well, this is where it gets a little tricky. Many Microsoft Dynamics partners are de-emphasizing their focus on Dynamics GP, and some are even telling their clients that they will no longer support them unless they migrate off of it.

That’s not what Turnkey Technologies is doing.

Turnkey Total Care

Turnkey is committed to continuing support Dynamics GP in the long term. In fact, soon we will unroll an exclusive care program for our Dynamics GP clients: Turnkey Total Care.

Here’s a preview of the perks of joining this program.

Turnkey Total Care will consist of several membership tiers that users will pay for on a monthly basis. Higher value tiers will include more benefits and services, which may include free support incidents, scrum meetings, training vouchers, an annual spend rebate loyalty program, access to a customer portal, GP and SQL administration, application maintenance and versioning service, SQL monitoring, and integration monitoring. (Please note that we are currently finalizing this program, so these benefits are subject to change.)

Once the program is live, all of Turnkey’s Dynamics GP clients will be instantly eligible. Dynamics GP users who are not partnered with Turnkey, but would like to access these benefits, can so by signing up with us as their partner of record. You can begin this process by contacting us.

Stay tuned for the official unveiling of Turnkey Total Care »