New features of Visual Studio 2019 – Code Clean up, Faster Debugging, Refactoring, Live Share

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Earlier we covered below features

Let us have a look at the other new features, that are now part of Visual Studio 2019 (couple of features were available with VS 2017 as marketplace extension earlier)

Health Indicators
à With Health Indicators, which can be found at the bottom of files in Visual Studio 2019, we can quickly get a glance at how many errors and warnings are there in the file.

Code Clean up
à Along with health indicators, we can also see the icon of Code Cleanup, which allows us to apply fixes to the code.

Configure Code Cleanup settings let us define the fixes to be part of the profiles as shown below.

Code cleanup can also be run for the entire solution from Analyze à Code Cleanup

  • Debugger stepping is not 50 % faster in Visual Studio 2019 compared to Visual Studio 2017.
  • The Watch, Autos and Locals Windows are 70 % faster.
  • Font and Colors of Visual Studio 2019 can be customized through Tools à Options à Environment à Fonts and Colors

  • Indent for the parameters of the method can be specified easily

Result à

  • Signature for the parameters can be easily changed using the Change Signature dialog box

Result à

Now let us have a quick look at the most interesting feature i.e. Live Share

With Live Share, enables real-time Code Collaboration, using
we can easily share the source code/ terminal from our machine for code review or for technical help with the team members. Earlier the options were to check in the code in the repository and then asking others to get the latest or share the screen / have a meeting set up.

To get started,

Click on Live Share icon,

Select Copy Link

Here we are sharing it with one of the team members having Visual Studio Code. Live Share works with Visual Studio 2017 (with extension)/ 2019 and Visual Studio Code (with Extension) and any OS.

Click on Join Collaboration session and paste the link.

Both the users have the ability to move across the code, make changes together within their environment.

Debugging session can also be initiated/shared from both environments, without having the other user to install any specific packages/tools/plugins, etc.

Also with Live Share Extension Pack, we can add Chat and Audio Capabilities to Visual Studio Code

That is not all, we have Live Share Whiteboard and Pomodoro extensions as well.

Check the below article that explains all the functionality of Live Share in detail

Hope it helps..